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About Us

Committed, Individualized, Opioid-Free, and United
With over 20 years of experience in the integrated medical field, we are dedicated to taking a more responsible approach to pain management. We never use opioids, steroids, or any other addictive drugs.

Our Mission and Purpose

Peak Medical Centers is committed to helping everyone in pain rid themselves of it, in a responsible way, with an integrated and modern approach to health and wellness that does not rely on opioids and surgeries.

We take an integrated approach to wellness, addressing your concerns and needs, while providing comprehensive care services to ensure that you have the ability to heal without drugs or surgeries.

We treat pain responsibly, in the least invasive manner possible.

Peak Medical Centers Is...


to our patients, their health, and their goals. No matter who they are, what brings them in, or why they're here - we are committed to getting them out of pain to the best of our abilities. Our commitment will be unmatched!


in our approach. While we can treat both a high school cheerleader and her grandpa, we can't justify treating them with the same cookie-cutter approach others take. Each patient and complaint is an individual. Here, they'll be treated that way.


to better our community. Our integrated medical team can - and will - help without contributing to the opioid epidemic plaguing our society. We have a variety of ways to help our patients - without opioids!


as an integrated medical center. With a variety of treatment options, providers, and specialties, we are always united in our goals and efforts to heal, minimize pain, and better our community as a united team.

Inside Our Office

Peak Medical Centers
Peak Medical Centers

It’s the best treatment around. I’ve been a patient for more than 10 years. The best thing I ever did was walk into their office.

James Jordanvia Facebook

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